For School Buses Mobile Security Solutions

Image technology experience & Image Analysis with Ready Infrastructure New Deals Through

PIXSelect within ITU Technopolis works on image technologies it continues. Pixselect ongoing R & D image analysis software in his projects is available.< br/>Pixselect has developed to date driver's face next to image analysis the report of the center by recognition to follow the changes made without, driver's fatigue, aggressiveness as ahead infrastructure to make the analysis to be added it is also provided to be ready.

Trouble-Free In Long Messages

Pixselect's developed sensor system instant data transfer relative to competitors in the market as long distance (need of large buses according to the distance heard) data transfer developed according to. Also next to both seats seat with buat structure that will normally be placed system data to sensors in seats it was constructed with the connection in mind.

GSM technologies - with a single Sim card Both sensor and Video

Another important advantage is the plug-and-play system. thanks to the installation of the devices Made Simple testing can be done automatically from the center, installation and any subsequent a change that even the driver can make it provides ease.

Tracking Services From All Over The World

Pixselect'IN GSM-based structures Image Systems and developed knowledge in different embedded systems GSM infrastructure is difficult or dual sim with single sim card cost instead of card operation optimally run systems it offers infrastructure.

Ease Of Installation

Service through plxselect's existing solution photos and recorded videos taken from within can be recorded to the cloud structure at any time intelligent analyses from images collected into the cloud such as can also be done. Thanks to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform users monitor this at their authority level information or refined information from analysis is able to reach.

Schools with Central Software Custom Solutions and Integration Advantage

PIXSelect software entirely by domestic engineers have been developed.
Other solutions on the market are standard and sourced overseas they are solutions. Local tailor job required for these solutions additions or other existing systems and software its integration poses serious problems. Also central both DVR/NVRs and sensor processors with software all information provided by both devices can be accessed separately integrated works.