The PIXSelect PIXPro software product provides a fully compliant solution to BRSA regulation for Bank ATM CCTV monitoring and management.
Generating instant alarm when unauthorized changes are made to the devices
Server and multi-client architecture and authorization
Video Analysis Features
Mobile - Fixed DVRs on the same map
Tracking vehicle locations and DVRs from the map
Ability to work with low bandwidth
Device Health Reports
Instant notifications via E-Mail, SMS and Push Notification
Instant Alarm Display
Video Wall
Automatic Device Discovery on the Network
Automatically Add 1000 Devices
And many more features

Compatible with the latest BDDK regulation in Bank ATMs

There are a couple of foreign monitoring platform solutions on the current market. However they have no offices in the region so that their support team cannot quickly intervene customer’s systems. This is why PIXSelect is highly recommended in Turkish market. Also PIXSelect support team can access European territory with an SLA in a couple of hours. PIXSelect SVMS is fully native product and developed in ITU(Istanbul Technical University) Technopark.

Server and multi-client architecture and authorization until the most detailed functionality

Our platform also works integrated with your company Active Directory and also our authorization and delegation architecture gives us the opportunity to have a specialized user authorization system.

Intelligent Alarm And Image Recording

Instant picture and video sending to authorized people's mobile phones and security center when your business alarm sounds You will have the images until the thieves steal your DVR. You will be able to make all your devices Smart and record both ALARM and IMAGE.

Mobile and Fixed DVRs on the same map

You will now be able to track both your vehicles and your workplaces from the same map.
When were your products delivered to your branches? The map is now in front of you with location information and snapshots from both your vehicle and stationary cameras.

Video Analytics

From every camera you can set video loss(an alarm where there is no camera connected); video mask(to disable any are from a picture), scene change detection etc. Also we have auto plate recognition, human detection, face detection/recognition modules available.

Smart Bandwidth Usage

With features such as being able to access images without forcing the bandwidth in the store while streming liew view of any store, limiting the number of users and bandwidth usage in the system, it is possible to adjust automatically download operations at nights when the network is idle, there are multiple features on the platform that facilitate your work.

DVR Health Report & DVR Log Report

The log records on your devices will be stored for a retrospective year and the instant notification of the logs generated by the alarm to the user. Device logs include; who accessed the devices, who downloaded records, who has added any user in the system etc.