We are the Pioneers in CCTV Monitoring & Video Analytics

We determine our customers' video needs and introduce them our smart monitoring & analytics platform. We add our smart architecture to their existing CCTV infrastructure to form a new smarter CCTV solution. For example a retail company may need a people count system, we provide this solution that works with existing CCTV cameras and we provide a web based platform that they can see their reports. Or another example, a customer may use two different platforms; one is for CCTV surveillance monitoring and the other one is for electronic surveillance system. We give a software solution to combine these two platforms so that when an alarm is activated they can see the video feed as well. Also they can easily examine their reports for these two systems in a single web based platform. We combine our future technology with our customers' existing DVR/NVR systems and cameras. PIXSelect offers an integrated solution.

E-Map Option for Monitoring CCTV, Vehicle, Body-Worn Cameras

Our Software enables monitoring your CCTV cameras, your company vehicle cameras and also body-worn cameras in a single platform. You do not need to use different monitoring platforms. It is too easy to use and has many features. For example, you have company logistic trucks and you want to verify instantly that these trucks reached your branches. You can easily track them on the map with their GPS locations(if you have vehicle dvr's) and you can monitor your trucks' cameras instantly. Also you can verify them from your CCTV cameras when they reach the locations.In addition to these an instant notification alert with a snapshot/video attached is sent when they reach their destination.

Deep Learning In Our Video Analytic Solutions

PIXSelect offers a variety of video analytics solutions and software systems. These systems are developed with advanced deep learning algorithms. Our software architecture is flexible and easy to configure. You can have many possibilities to integrate your ERP, CRM systems. Also our multiplatform enables you to use our software in different platforms such as a single server, a server that serves to multiple clients or a web based system and also a mobile platform. We offer a software to use your CCTV cameras and turn them into smarter devices. You can do further video analytics such as people count, age and gender estimation etc.

Affordable Budget, No Need For Installation

Many companies do not want to change CCTV infrastructure and systems. In todays world this change may be costly and companies can not see as an investment opportunity. PIXSelect offers you an intelligent software system using your existing CCTV infrastructure. First all you have to do is 'run' the software to turn your system(Dvr&cameras) into a smarter one. Also you have a chance to use our video analytic features with your existing CCTV systems. You may add people count, age - gender estimation features that works with your existing infrastructure. PIXSelect offers you a server based or an edge based solution to you, you can choose one of them.

Virtual Patrol & Device Health Check Control

No matter if you have a single device or thousands. Our PIXSelect smart platform patrols all your devices in a couple of minutes to check if your devices' every feature is working properly or not. We name this patrol system as a 'Device Health Check'. With our Device Health Check feature you can get instant alarms when there is an abnormal situation. Also these abnormal situations can be chosen by system admin to get instant alarms. These situations are 'Video Loss', 'Device On/Off', ' Internet Connection On/Off', 'Hard Disk Error', 'Video Scene Change', etc. Also event based people count, face detection/recognition systems can be added and chosen to get instant alarms.


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The following requirements for running the application on your computer are as follows. Hardware Requirements:

  • Mininum 1Ghz Processor
  • Minimum 2 Gb of RAM
  • Minimum 300 Mb Hard disk space

PIXMobile - Mobil Application (IOS&Android)

  • Motion Detection

    Perform motion detection

  • Live Viewing

    Live view feature

  • Captures&Recording

    Recording and snapshot recording

  • Alarms

    Receiving alarm information

  • IO Alarms

    IO Receiving alarm information

  • Beta Version

    Beta version is on the air